Français - FrenchJean-Paul Friol: Painter & visual artist


Atelier de Jean-Paul Friol

Art is a passion for Jean Paul Friol.  A piece of broken glass, metal or wood, a bit of string, fabric or colored paper, a crushed soft drink can; in his hands each one of  these items finds new life and becomes a source of inspiration for this prolific artist.
Colors, textures, forms…

Each can be transformed into harmonious creations that sometimes walk a thin line between painting and sculpture.

J.P. Friol started painting more than 30 years ago, and it’s rare that a day goes by when he doesn’t come in contact with his brushes. When he isn’t in the operating room in Nantes, where he’s a well known hand specialist surgeon, or with his family, most of his spare time is spent painting or creating plastic art, areas where he can best express his curiosity and pursue his artistic research.



His approach is always to study in depth his two main areas of predilection, surgery and painting.


Atelier de Jean-Paul Friol
That sustained curiosity constantly mingled with his sensibility, his experience and his expert eye are used to express a profound need of passion and creativity. He paints with his entire being, so much so that sometimes when he’s completed a work of art, he’s breathless, as if he’s just finished a physical exercise.

At moments like this, something unique passes between him and his work, because he’s succeeded in imprinting it with a part of his soul.

These long years of work allow J.P. Friol the possibility of surprising one with the variety and quality of his oeuvres.


Since developing his cold enameling technique and his study with pigments, a part of his work is dedicated to color. His art on paper uses paint, oil pastels, ink, collages and embedding; his cements on canvas are mingled with pigments; his crushed cans, whose originality have become part of his artistic image, are painted or covered. All of his creations are linked by several threads – the color, the material and its relationship with the support.


J.P. Friol also has other areas of predilection:  He’s loved jazz since he was a teenager and plays the drums; he loves cooking and dedicates entire evenings to friendly gastronomic competitions; he loves wine and has written a book which has become a reference source on wines from the Jura region. (les vins du Jura).



Born in Paris in 1948, Jean-Paul Friol died 13 September 2011 in Nantes.